Visitors entering Argentina from neighboring countries require only a valid identity card. Visitors from other countries must present a valid passport, with or without a visa, depending on the country of origin. The maximum stay allowed for all tourists is 90 days. No vaccination certificate has to be submitted, except for cholera and yellow fever for passengers coming from countries where those diseases are endemic.

Please ask for information about visa or other requirements at an Argentine Embassy or Consulate. To locate the nearest Argentine consulate, please visit the website of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and click over the flag of your country. Delegates from countries for which a visa is required are advised to begin the visa application as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Citizens from the US, Canada and Australia must pay a "reciprocity fee" on their arrival to Argentina. This fee is NOT a visa; Argentina does not require a Visa from citizens of these countries. The fee for USA arrivals is US$131; Canada: US$75; and Australia: US$100. These fees are similar to the amounts that Argentinean citizens pay for visa applications to visit the US, Australia and Canada and may be subject to change. For US citizens, payment of the BA Airport Entry Fee allows unlimited entries to Argentina for a period of 10 years.


An official letter of invitation for the purpose of obtaining a travel visa or permission to attend the meeting should be requested in writing or by email. Please contact the Local Organizing Committee sending an email request with your full name and registration ID number.


We do not recommend to take taxis at International airport in Buenos Aires. Pre-booked transfers are offered between Buenos Aires International Airport and the official conference hotels. Delegates have the possibility to get individual car transfer (1 or 2 persons) with assistance. Price will be informed later.


Universidad Católica Argentina, Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 1680, Puerto Madero.


Special rates will be available through the IMCS 2014 Official Travel Agent.



Check in time is in Buenos Aires at 3.00 PM, check out time is 12.00 noon.
Some international flights arrive in Buenos Aires very early in the morning. Because check out time is 12.00 noon, it is possible that rooms may not be ready for immediate occupation on your arrival. Whilst hotels will do everything is possible to accommodate early arrivals, if you wish to be guaranteed immediate occupation, you can reserved an additional night.


The cosmopolitan population of Buenos Aires is reflected in a variety of excellent restaurants and cafes at walking distance from the venue, which are open until late at night. They offer a diversity of cuisine and the best beef. In addition Argentine wines are excellent and inexpensive, and their outstanding quality is recognized around the world.


A 10% tip is customary in Argentina at coffee shops, bars or restaurants. It is also expected that you tip bell boys, ushers or doormen (2 ‐ 5 pesos).


It is very common to find phone booths (pay phones) all around the country. For domestic long distance calls in Argentina dial 0 before the area code, and for international calls dial 00 before the country code.
Wireless Internet (WiFi free) connection is provided all around the UCA campus and Convention Center.


Aerolíneas Argentinas and LAN Argentina are the airlines in charge of keeping united the most important destinations of the country and its capital city. Because of the big distances and the size of the country, the better way to visit the different cities is by plane.


The Organizer Committee of the IMCS 2014 - The 15th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, recommend to take guaranteed services and has requested to the Official Travel Agent, to planned some overland tours exclusively for attendees.

Post-Conf Tours


Due to the extended territory there is a variety of climates from tropic up North to fresh and cold in the South. The opposite seasons with the North Hemisphere when here is outumn in the North is spring. Buenos Aires climate is moderate without a main rainy season. During March there is an average daytime temperatures of 22° Celsius (72° Fahrenheit), 12 hours of daylight of which 7 hours is sunshine. So we recommend to be supplied by sweaters or medium jackets. There’s a chance to experience some rain but light. March is a perfect season to visit other places in Argentina because of the moderate climate along the country.


Spanish is the official language but English is spoken in many restaurants, hotels and stores.


In spite of the official religion is the Catholic there is an open criteria and freedom about that according with the National Constitution.
People is absolutely free to have a faith and religion anytime anywhere.


TThe official currency is the Argentine peso (the “peso” sign is $- here denoted as ARS$). It is recommended that you purchase Argentine pesos prior to departure or upon arrival at the Ezeiza International Airport. Many vendors will accept American Dollars but bear in mind that they may not offer optimal exchange rates.

Bank hours: Monday through Friday, 10 AM‐3PM.

Tax refund: Foreign tourists can claim a refund of the IVA (VAT or consumer´s tax) on Argentine produced goods purchased in Argentina (minimum amount is ARS$70). Ask for a “type B” ticket or invoice (“Factura B”) along with the “Global Refund Check” which should state the amount of the refund. Before leaving the country, present these papers to be sealed by Customs and obtain your refund.

Major credit cards are accepted in most stores, restaurants and hotels.


Argentina has three hours less than Greenwich Meridian.


The electrical power supply in Argentina is 220-240v, 50 Hz, AC.The official standard for plugs and sockets (outlets) in Argentina is the Type I" IRAM-2073. Outlets in older buildings could be "Type C" Europlug type



People with special abilities will meet their needs at most of hotels, meeting rooms and restaurants.


Buenos Aires is famous for its distinguished stores compared with the best ones in New York, Paris or London. The recommended products are leather made clothes, and gaucho souvenirs. On Sundays there’s a famous marketplace located in San Telmo Square where you could find antique shops and art stores.

Shopping hour
Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 or 8 PM. Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. Sundays closed, except for shopping malls, and tourist areas like San Telmo, La Boca or Recoleta.


Water is good to drink, but we advise to drink bottled water. Argentina's bottled mineral water is excellent.


There is a variety of hospitals and private clinics in the city. All visitors are advised to have a valid international insurance before coming to Argentina.


Buenos Aires is similar to other large cities in the western hemisphere. You are advised to be careful but not paranoid.

  • Watch your valuables closely. Do not leave purses or pocketbooks or laptops unattended.
  • Avoid walking in dark, solitary areas.
  • Do not change money in the streets or with taxi drivers.
  • Preferably call a cab or take radio‐cabs when in the street, and pay with pesos (ideally, with exact change).
  • Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, go straight to the transportation booths and buy your pre‐paid ticket to the city.
  • Try to leave your passport and valuables in the safety box at your hotel and carry another ID (drivers license or passport Xerox copy) with you.

Tourist Safety and Assistance: Tourist Police Station: Av. Corrientes # 436. Phone: 4346.5748, 4328-2135 or 0800-999-5000.


The organizing committee will accept no liability for personal injuries sustained by or loss or damage to property belonging to congress participants, either during or as a result of the congress or during the tours. It is , therefore, recommended that participants arrange their own personal health, accident and travel insurance.