• 1. Chemical and Biochemical Sensors
  • 2. Technologies for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing
  • 3. Mechanisms, Modeling and Simulation
  • 4. Emerging Sensing Materials and Technologies
  • 5. Sensor Arrays and Data Analysis
  • 6. Auxiliary Components, Manufacturing and Packaging
  • 7. Sensing for Health, Safety and Security
  • 8. Sensors for High Temperature Processes and Harsh Environment Applications
  • 9. Sensors for Corrosive Processes
  • 10. Hybrid Devices

IMCS-15 is devoted to chemical sensor arrays including semiconducting, electrochemical, optical, SAW and piezoelectric sensors; sensors for health, safety and security; sensor arrays, electronic nose and signal processing; mechanisms, modeling and simulation; new materials; nano-materials and nano-structures; novel approaches to sensing; manufacturing and packaging. A special session will be dedicated to chemical sensors for high temperature processes.